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When you see websites such as http://www.learndrive.co.uk/5day-course.php you have to question the quality. Its not even 121 to one training. In our opinion courses like this are a waste of money and we doubt how helpful they are to keeping you safe on the road, Are we have a go at the competition? Yes an no. Yes we are against such services and we think they ought to be outlawed, the government took steps towards outlawing such firms when the theory test was introduced, making it far more difficult to pass in 5 days. And we did also say “no” because we do not see this type of firm being competition, is the latest Porsche in competition with a 12 year old family saloon with an expired MOT? At the very least they both qualify as cars.


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how much are driving lessons

how much are driving lessonshttp://searchfordrivinglessons.co.uk/how-much-are-driving-lessons/


if you want to know how luch it costs to pass your drivnig test then blah blah here because these are thr driving schools you need with the best lesson prces.


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Passing your driving test can be an expensive project to undertake so Search For Driving Lessons are going to show you how much are driving lessons and how can you help yourself to save on money.


The price of driving lessons will vary across the UK so first of all let us look into the cost of a driving lesson from a driving instructors point of view. This costs are approximate but will give you an excellent idea.


The average driving instructor will work around 35 hours a week, that is teaching time but with lesson planning and driving in between lessons that rises to around 50 hours a week, but for the cost of a lesson we work out the cost on the lesson given.


The driving instructor will usually drive a modern car less than a year old, these are mainly leased vehicles and can cost in the region of £150 a week. Additionally the have fixed costs such as franchise or marketing fees which can be in the region of £80 per week, car insurance, other business services such as mobile phones and training programs and of course there is fuel. With the include of taxes paid at the end of the year it is estimated the driving instructors cost per driving lesson is in the region of £12 to £13 an hour, naturally this will vary from school to school.


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driving lessons Nottingham


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Finding The Perfect driving school in nottingham Your driving practise really should be a whole lot of fun, in fact it ought to be one of the most exciting times in your life therefore at this point I am about to reveal to you where you can find the best driving school you can sign up for. The thing is that driving schools aren’t the same. Some have trainees and not fully qualified driving instructors, some are only part time and complete the work for a bit of pocket money and some would like to help you obtain your driving licence.


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driving schools in North Tyneside

driving lessons in North Tyneside


Learning To Drive by Aspiration Driving School




Aspiration driving school provides driving lessons in North Tyneside and can help all learner drivers of all abilities because we offer different courses to include beginners, part trained, driving test rescue and confidence building. Before you start your driving lessons we will have a chat on th phone just so we can understand you level of driving ability, if you have passed your theory test and when you want to pass your driving test by.


On your first driving lesson we are going to teach you the basics of passing your driving test, you see, most people fail ther driving test because they were naever taught how to pass it. Sounds crazy, but read this…


The driving examiner wants to know if you are in control of the car at all times, obeying the highway code, driving with a safe attitude and spotting hazards.


So doesnt it make sense  to learn all of this on every single driving skill you are going to cover?


By the time you get to your driving test you will be ready to pass.


For more information please visit http://aspirationdrivingschool.info/



driving lessons in Reading

driving lessons in ReadingWe want to annouce a new driving school http://marshallsdrivertraining.co.uk/ 


Founded and operated by Paul Marshall, he comes highly recommended .


Paul is an experienced driving instructor and in his first year alone had 4 pupils pass their driving test with zero faults.


Lets show you what that really means…


Driving examiers who have been in this job for years and years may have recorded at most one or two successful passes with zero faults, but in his first year alone Paul had 4 pupils pass their driving test with no faults.


Its amazing and now you can be apart of this awesome success story.


Just go to http://marshallsdrivertraining.co.uk/