driving lessons taunton

driving lessons taunton

driving lessons in taunton by Keith Mansfield http://keithmansfielddrivertraining.co.uk/driving-lessons-taunton/


I know right now it is difficult for you to tell the difference between a good driving school and a driving school you would prefer to avoid. So I decided to show you I am very confident with helping you pass your driving test, and first time, that I am giving you guarantees.



What learners tend to do when they are not sure if a school is right for them is to buy a “special deal” the ones in our area are typically 10 hours for £150, but what you don’ t know is the instructor is making less than £5 an hour. So what tends to happen is you don ‘t do a lot of driving, and you don’ t really make a saving at all.


My Money Back Guarantee


You will be happy to know that each of my driving lessons in taunton comes with a money back guarantee. This means you can get to know me without any risk on your wallet and it works like this. If you don’t like the lesson you are on or the one you have just finished, I will refund you.


I have the experience, knowledge and friendliness you need, so try me out.



cheap driving lessons bradford

cheap driving lessons bradford


ntensive Driving Courses Bradford


How Many Hours In A Week Can You Do?


While some schools will allow you to do 30 or 40 hours it is very tiring for you and the chances of passing start to decrease partly due to fatigue. You need the chance to freshen up and reflect on your learning for it to sink in properly. If you did want this amount of hours in a week; make sure your test is 7 to 10 days after and take a couple of extra lessons in between, it will help your chances of passing.



Intensive Driving Schools in Bradford


Weekend Courses


These are very popular, you do 10 hours of a Saturday and Sunday and by the end of the month if you started as a total novice you will have completed the learning to drive syllabus.


The course allows you to go to college or work in the week and you can do your lessons at the weekend and keep yourself fresh.




cheap driving lessons bridgwater

cheap driving lessons bridgwater


Driving Lessons Bridgwater


How To Save Over £500


Lots of learner drivers will be looking for cheap driving lessons in Bridgwater especially when they cant tell the difference between one school and another. There are some cheap deals to be had and you can save £50 or so but if you want to understand how to save well over £500, read this…



First of all you need to be aware the DVSA state that the average driver needs 47 hours of professional tuition and that is topped up with 20 hours of private practice.


Please pay special attention to the word “average” as this includes people who can’t afford to drive, those that miss lessons and those that take one hour a week.



We are going to show you how one hour a week is going to cost you a fortune.


So in a few moments you take a one hour driving lesson and in 7 days time you do the same, but what can you remember next week from this weeks lesson? Not a lot. Usually you will spend 15 minutes going over what you did, now if you have 47 hours which is the average you are having around 12 hours too many.



What you need to do is take at least a two hour lesson and if possible do that twice a week. You will forget less and save much more. We reckon thats a £300 saving.


Now if you are taking driving lessons in bridgwater as we recommend you will not need to insurance a private car. Insurance for a learner driver could be around £25 per week, plus £5 fuel and do that over 3 months you have racked up £360, we can help you save that.


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driving lessons poole

Skipping drivng Lessons in Poole Costs You A Fortune


If you can’t find the money to take lessons weekly then my most beneficial advice is for you is to save up. Try to remember when you were at school and missed classes because you were sick, or there is that certain lesson which is only 1 hour a week. It’s nearly impossible to remember what you managed in the last lesson so you had to play catch up. However with driving lessons that will hit your pocket. What’s right to do is to make sure you are able to afford at least 2 hours every week, if you can do 4 hours or six hours then brilliant. 




Of course you can spread the hours out over the week. The nice thing about learning to drive like this is you are likely to retain a great deal of details, you are going to forget less, learn more quickly and require fewer driving lessons to pass your driving test. 


driving lessons poole


driving schools bournemouth

driving instructors leicester


learning to drive is brilliant


all you need is roadworkd to help you


we are the best provider of cheap driving lessons in leicester


3. Be sure to take regular driving lessons, this has got to be at least 2 hours per week every week. Skipping lessons and leaving a longer period of time in between driving lessons is going to cost you because you will forget what you learned in the last driving lesson. While it isn’t always possible, if you want a great way to reduce the number of driving lessons you need to pass your driving test then a two hour lesson every day will be perfect. However that is not always possible, but at least 2 hours a week. Don’t do one hour a week and don’t skip lessons because even if the driving lesson is cheap, taking loads of driving lessons and more then you needed will not be cheap.




4. Tell your driving instructor when you want to pass your driving test by and let your driving instructor create you a learning plan. This learning plan will give you a sharp focus, enabling you to concentrate on your lessons and your test.




5. After you have passed your theory test ask your driving instructor to book your driving test, then plan driving lessons accordingly up to your driving test.


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Aspiration Driving School is a privately owned business committed to providing value for money and excellent service.


I keep this standard by promising the following guarantees:


Pass Promise


Once you have achieved the required standard of driving to pass the driving test you can take your test using my driving school vehicle. If a second test is required I will cover the cost.


Money Back Guarantee


It’s very important to me that you are satisfied with every driving lesson, otherwise you will not learn to drive effectively. Therefore, if you are not happy with your lesson, let me know before we finish and I will hand you the cash back for the lesson.


Driving Lesson Warranty


Under my unique customer care service, I offer a free one-hour refresher driving lesson per year for up to two years after you have passed your driving test.




I am dedicated to putting safe and confident drivers out there on our roads, which is why I provide my two-year driving lesson warranty to allow you to brush up on your road skills whenever you need to. This may be useful after buying a new car, being stopped for speeding or to help with parking difficulties.


This unique service is not offered by any other driving school in the Newcastle area.


5 day crash course

want to pass your test really quickly


well we can help you


in fact we will save your life




When you see websites such as http://www.learndrive.co.uk/5day-course.php you have to question the quality. Its not even 121 to one training. In our opinion courses like this are a waste of money and we doubt how helpful they are to keeping you safe on the road, Are we have a go at the competition? Yes an no. Yes we are against such services and we think they ought to be outlawed, the government took steps towards outlawing such firms when the theory test was introduced, making it far more difficult to pass in 5 days. And we did also say “no” because we do not see this type of firm being competition, is the latest Porsche in competition with a 12 year old family saloon with an expired MOT? At the very least they both qualify as cars.


so lets do this


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